Roaming the globe since 1992

“I appreciate your commendable customer-centric approach and the efforts you take to satisfy your customers. We require sellers like you who maintain the same high standards of customer service that we provide. You’re one of our valuable sellers and we sincerely appreciate your business.”
    — Representative, sales support

“I also want to let you know that we recognize your vested and personal stake in selling with us. We need more sellers like you who think about keeping accurate inventory information at the highest level and at the same time display excellent customer service. I personally thank you for such an approach and wish you all the success in the future.”
    — Representative, sales support

“You are among the best technical people on the planet to get the job done.”
    — Creative Director, game production company

“He has grown into the ‘go to’ guy for any technical issues surrounding our offerings. He has been integral in the definition and development of our latest product. He’s one of our more vocal advocates for continually improving our product and solution offerings. Teamwork is one of his strongest characteristics. He is always willing to share his experiences and product knowledge with his peers and customers.”
    — Consulting Director, software company

“You did a great job of capturing the ‘gist’ of what this product does!”
    — President, technical writing company
“The team have been fortunate that he has an excellent understanding of the module and has always made an effort to work with us even when we have been physically located on various parts of the globe. He has in many instances suggested improvements that the team may have missed and has been meticulous in ensuring that any documentation produced adheres to current standards.”
    — Team Leader, beverage company
“Considerate of his customers’ needs (prototype team and end users) and works to see that they are met. The teams in which he has worked have been very pleased with his contributions. He also demonstrates strong initiative in his approach to work. He frequently looks for ways to improve processes to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.”
    — Education Manager, beverage company
“We would like to thank you for your contribution to help the company successfully achieve three major milestones in our SAP implementation:
    • Go-live in five countries
    • Completion of our month-end close
    • Globally integrated solution that meets business requirements”
    — Project Director and CIO, beverage company
“Really an enormous asset to our team. He is proactive in finding solutions and very good at communicating. He has an extremely good relationship with the client. It is very obvious that they respect his opinion enormously.”
    — Project Manager, documentation company
“Quick, conscientious, productive, thorough, articulate, foresighted and persistent in looking after the interests of the end user community.”
    — Senior Consultant, documentation company
“Without your client focus, flexibility, and overall commitment to excellence, we could not have so efficiently achieved our objective.”
    — Legal Division Administrator, beverage company
“I appreciate your efforts to make us look professional and client-focused. It really makes a big difference.”
    — IT Manager, beverage company
“I heard very good comments about the business process overview. The agreement was that it was very thorough and clear. These comments came from people who reviewed the presentations with process teams from their respective affiliates. Keep up the great work.”
    — Project Leader, oil company
“He does amazing things on the technical side and he is not short on ideas for productivity aid development.”
    — Project Manager, documentation company
“He has excelled here, particularly with respect to HTML conversion for online documentation. This prototype was received favorably by company personnel—very encouraging.”
    — Project Leader, power generation company


Feedback from Customers and Colleagues